Panther International is the leading provider of complete grant management and custom application solutions designed specifically for government transportation agencies by industry experts.  Our most popular products, BlackCat GrantsBlackCat Rail, and BlackCat PFC are able to be tailored to fulfill a diverse range of individual organizations' needs. Each of these solutions is an affordable, web-based application that works with legacy databases and current information systems to manage project data, financials, and intricate processes in one simplified location.

The BlackCat Grant Management System® greatly reduces the need for data entry, particularly for DOT personnel, as the recipients andsub-recipients are required to enter and submit application and funding data as well as required documentation online. The same data willthen be available for additional activities such as application reviews and approvals, funding decisions, grant agreement creation andexecution, etc. The system can further streamline both the application and grant agreement processes when optional electronic signaturefeatures are implemented.

The BlackCat Rail Data Management System® manages at grade rail roadway crossing data. This complete data system collects the data required for state DOT's to meet Federal Rail Administration (FRA) reporting requirements.

The BlackCat Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) System assists airports in tracking and reporting Passenger Facility Charges submitted by the airlines as well as SOAR reporting of PFC applications, collections, and project expenditures.

"TNDOT Aeronautics is using the BlackCat system. Originally bought to be our grants management financial tool and accounting assistant, but discovered it has very robust ability to be total project management, to include hosting our ACIP, project requests, document history for project requests and project status – really anything you want to put in to a project’s history – contract writing and tracking to include signatures and other contract actions, etc. We are pleased with the system. We already are using it successfully. I would encourage you to talk with Panther. The company has been good to work with."
Bill Orellana
Director, Tennessee Aeronautics Commission
"It’s so nice to work with someone who does their job professionally and efficiently. Thanks."
Toy Keller
Vice President, Programs and Planning, Florida Ports Council
"They are knowledgeable and highly competent in all aspects of each project and our needs are always completely met."
Aaron N. Smith
State Aviation Manager, Florida Department of Transportation
"Thanks and Juana said to tell you that she appreciates all the hard work and great job you guys do."
Rena Puckett
Ohio Office of Transit
"Panther completed the project on time and on budget, and they continue to be extremely responsive to our questions and needs. Their staff is a superb collection of professionals who are knowledgeable and trustworthy."
Fredrick J. Piccolo
A.A.E, President, CEO, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport
"Very rarely can one say that they are completely and utterly satisfied with a product or service. I can, without a doubt, say that every bit of this partnership was exceptional."
Gina Kravitz
Executive Director, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Suncoast Affiliate
"We will pursue every opportunity to work with Panther International in the future, and we heartily recommend the firm for any job requiring the integration of internet based information systems with sound business practices."
Harry Downing
Senior Aviation Project Manager, Wilbur Smith Associates
"Just got an unsolicited call from Panther International - they had heard about some of the issues I was having - minor! - and wanted to walk me through the process. Great customer service - answered all my questions and guided me through the screens. Just wanted to give you some feedback!"
MetroWest Regional Transit Authority
"There was not a single grant management need that Panther was not able to automate through their BlackCat Grant Management System."
Lauren Groves
Community Outreach Coordinator, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Suncoast Affiliate
"It’s not every day we experience the level of service given by everyone at our organization…We look forward to continuing our relationship with Panther International for years to come."
Paul W. Ayres
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Tampa Downtown Partnership

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2015 Prudential Productivity Award: TransCIP Toll Revenue Credits Module

Panther International's TransCIP, an implementation of the BlackCat Grant Management System for Transit in the State of Florida, has been selected as a recipient of the2015 Prudential Productivity Award. The award given annually by Florida Tax Watch and Prudential serves to recognize systems and activities that improve the productivity and accountability of Florida Government.

The Florida DOT makes available the use of toll revenue credits as soft match on all federally funded public transit capital projects. In the last fiscal year, $87 million of toll revenue credits were issued to local transit agencies, allowing Florida's transit systems to leverage an additional $350 million in federal capital funds. The Toll Revenue Credits module in TransCIP allows agencies to submit their toll revenue credit requests to the Districts, track the approval process, and access their approval letter from the Central Office through the system. "This feature streamlines an important process and resource for local transit agencies while leveraging additional federal dollars. It was a great team win." says Larry Merritt, FDOT Multi-modal Programs Manager.

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